Sunday, January 15, 2012

What is freedom and why are people willing to die for it?

We fear to lose our freedom, yet if we are already free nobody could rob us from being who we are. This type of thinking is called by some people, spiritual or the freedom of the human spirit. It implies a state beyond the physical or perhaps constraint by the physical. This kind of thinking allowed many people to survive restrictions of physical freedom, for example the holocaust.

Please, tell me what freedom means to you? Are you free? Are you feeling controlled by economical or other power system or by another person? Is that a physical restriction or a psychological or self-imposed restriction?

Are you free and yet are you feeling lost? Are you growing your understanding about the responsibilities of being free? Because being free is not easy. Former prisoners sometimes commit minor crimes to go back to the structured system that had just released them. Erich Fromm said "Man achieve freedom from--without yet having achieved freedom to--to be himself, to be productive, to be fully awake." Where are you? Are you reclaiming your freedom to be you?

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What is freedom and why are people willing to die for it?

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